This is probably the broadest area that I work in, I offer consultation for individuals and businesses on the following:

• photo equipment
• software solutions
• technology
• web design
• logo design
• branding

• online strategy
• search engine optimization
• using existing hardware/software
• one-on-one consulting
• skype, chat, & phone consults
• making your site work harder for you
• why you should blog or use social media
• website review

Looking for a way to get yourself online, figure out what those extra settings are for on your new camera, or just want to ask questions to someone who isn’t trying to sell you something then I’m your guy. Technology can be confusing at time and I understand that. Most technology questions for individuals are free of charge and I’m happy to lend a hand, all I ask is if I do help you that you pay it forward and help someone else.

I offer all services at little or no cost to charities, not-for-profit organizations, religious organizations, special or super causes.