Free Shipping, no matter how big your order. Shipping will be handled via USPS First Class Mail.

I also offer all services at little or no cost to charities and not-for-profit organizations. Contact me for more information.

How are the photos processed?
I guess a better way of asking that question is by asking what people are truly wondering Are you selling photos that you are printing at home on a $49 inkjet printer?
I have test printed all of the photos with a couple of different local professional photo labs and I went with the one that gave me the best results, and no that one isn’t sitting under my desk made by Canon.

What’s the deal with your sample page? It is very limited in scope and doesn’t look that impressive.
My simple answer to this is in my belief that when you pay me to take photos you are not only purchasing the service of my photography skills but also you are purchasing the rights to your photos. Unlike many other photographers I’m not interested in using the photos I take for clients to bolster my online portfolio. I will on occasion make a deal, like a reduced rate, in exchange for the use of a clients photos in my online portfolio but it is my stance that when I am being paid to take photos they are for the unrestricted use of the client, not the client and myself. This stance is sometimes a niggle between myself and other photographers and I don’t object to them using clients photos to bolster their portfolios or websites it just isn’t the way that I do business.

I’m interested in modeling for your portfolio, can we work something out?
Of course we can but it should be noted that a reduced rate or gratis shoot is a very different experience than a paid shoot. We are both exchanging services and it is approached as such. The typical portfolio session for me is a six-nine poses, one outfit session and I share usage rights with the model with two caveats, watermarked images and credit with link when used online.

What is your affiliate program?
It is a way for us to help each other out, you get photos at a significantly reduced cost that are watermarked with the site name and also matted with a business card. All you have to do to qualify for this is frame them and hang the photos in a public setting and possibly help me sell a photo or two.

How does the affiliate program benefit the buyer?
If you are starting a business or have an established business with a bit of bare wall space and have ventured out to look at something to fill that space you know that art or prints are expensive, I’m offering the opportunity for you to fill that bare space at a price well below what you’d pay if you bought off the shelf or from another gallery.

I accept cash, credit card (via Square), and PayPal
(PayPal accepted for online orders only)

What is being used to process online payments and is it secure?
To process all online payments I am using Paypal. I use Paypal because:

“PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with the merchant. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction.”

As you can see it is very secure, they are a company that is owned by eBay and used countless times every single day by numerous people, including myself, to pay for goods and services on eBay. I’ve been using Paypal since 1999 and trust them 100%, that’s why I chose them.

Do I have to have a Paypal account to buy online from you?
No, all you do is enter your payment information on Paypal’s secure servers and they handle the rest, they don’t charge you any fee for this service they charge me.

What is the turnaround time?
Most orders will be shipped within a few business day of when the order was placed, I will send an email on the day of shipping. Photos are printed and inspected after the order is placed.

How do you ship?
I ship USPS First Class Mail and generally arrive 3-5 days.

Will you just put my photos in an envelope and mail them?
No, all photos will be shipped in a cardboard photo mailer, nobody wants the photos to arrive to you in unharmed condition more than I do.

I’d like my order framed, will you do that?
For a nominal fee I will frame and ship, please contact me before placing your order.

Do you have a frame suggestion?
I’m a classic type of guy, I like a nice black frame with a white matte, I like to keep it simple.

copyright – all images copyright chris miller unless otherwise noted.

In other words please don’t steal my work…it may not look like it but I do work hard. If you are interested in using one of my photos just ask and in the tiny, tiniest font give me a credit line and a link back.

Karma knows no boundaries and stealing digital or otherwise is wrong.